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Our Parents

The cornerstone of our program is our CKC registered, health and temperament tested moms and dads! We genetically test all parents for breed related genetic illnesses. We also certify our adult dogs hearts, eyes, hips and elbows with OFA standards. This allows us to offer a 2 year health guarantee on all of our puppies. 


Sweet Sadie Mae

Sadie Mae is one of our beautiful mommies. She is a 25 lbs multigenerational mini-petite golden-doodle, full of fun and intrigue. She has a beautiful coco-apricot, soft non shedding coat with an adorable white chest. She loves to play fetch, walk on her leash, and is very motivated with her training. Most importantly, she loves to be with her people! 


Our Beautiful Boy Winston 

Winston is our adorable 23lb multi-generational mini-petite golden doodle. His beautiful, cream, non-shedding coat is extremely soft. He loves to snuggle and be lazy, but also loves to fetch and would be amazing at agility! He can jump! He can be found following his mom around all hours of the day, and in every room of the house. He never lets Michele out of his sights! He is loyal, and friendly, and has the kindest eyes. 

Future Dad Teddy

Teddy is the most adorable mini-petite multigenerational golden doodle. He has a beautiful way, red, non shedding coat with white tuxedo markings. He has the sweetest little personality. Pending all his health testing, Teddy will be a future stud for our breeding program. Full grown, he will be approximately 20lb, which will add mini-petites and possibly toy golden doodle sizes to our program! 


Future Mom Autumn 

Autumn is a sweet guardian pup that lives just a few miles from our home with her incredible family. She is a mini-petite, brown/red mini petite golden doodle weighing about 18# with white abstract markings on her chest and face. She has the softest, wavy, non shedding fleece coat. She is from our very own breeding stock and was chosen specifically for her looks and temperament. She also has an adorable snow nose, which turns pink in the winter! We are hopeful for Summer 2025 puppies pending her health testing! 

Future Mom Penelope Jane

Penelope Jane is our blue-eyed liver nosed girl! She is as smart as she is sweet! At 11 weeks of age she has mastered multiple commands as well as crate training and potty training. Penny is a gorgeous red with white abstract markings. She is a future momma in our program and brings incredible genetics and the possibility of a future toy litter as she is estimated to be between 10 - 18#. She lives with us right here on the farm! 

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